Sunday 1 June 2014

Disavantages of not being self employed :-(

A few weeks ago an offshore boat survey was funded by Sea watch and it was organized and run by there Wales Development Officer Katrin Lohrengel. The survey was setup for last Wednesday morning and it was a stunning day of sun and low wind so perfect for a boat survey. As I work mornings I could not get there for the early sail time and as I'm on the North Wales coast for 2 weeks soon sea kayaking and who knows I may even paddle into them myself.
See more information on the Dolphin watch click here
as it was a big success with 20+ Bottlenose dolphins playing alongside the survey boat
 Hopefully lots of information can be gained from the photos and video. Sea watch can now match the Dolphins fins to other photographs taken at other surveys to see if Dolphins are moving from one coast to another and catalog new individuals to an area. The information will be used try to find out why they are moving from there original homes to feed to breed or is there a disturbance from boat traffic causing them to move. Hopefully the area will gain more protection and raise the issue of keeping our beaches cleaner so Bottlenose dolphins will be remain living on the coast of North Wales in such healthy numbers.

Photographs taken by Laurence Clark and the amazing Video was filmed & edited by Hannah Finch Saunders which can be viewed below. It has one of my favorite songs as the track and by the end of it you will feel like the message that is given out in the song:
Not jealous at all ;-) but I thought I would share as I have spent lots of time on the coast observing Dolphins from land and as I love the area of North Wales down to my core it means so much to see such amazing Footage and photographs of them and if this isn't a reason to follow my dream and move there one day then I don't know what is..

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