Sunday, 22 April 2012

Nest week - Day 1 The Robin

So my first nest for the week is a popular bird that is known as the gardeners friend and that bird is the robin.     
 So my first nest blog post is a Robins which has decided to nest in my fathers workshop at the cemetery where he works and its the cemetery is very close up to me i can get there easily with my kit to film plus as the nest is in a safe place away from any predators indoors there should be no disturbances and as the Robins are used to the workers going past the nest in the week I should be fine as long as I don't get to close to the nest so it will be a great nest to follow from the chicks being hatched to fledging the nest.   
More updates and video footage to follow as things progress.

Thanks for reading



  1. Wonderful to see Mike... keep us posted.

  2. Will do, wait till you see the other nests.